About Us

In April 2008, we created a setting where car shoppers could purchase cars at very reasonable prices. We started to sell vehicles priced from $500.00 to $2500.00.  It was amazing to see how many customers connected to this new concept! The service we developed, enables car shoppers, particularly college students, first time buyers and budget conscious auto shoppers easy access to a vehicle at affordable prices!    These positive results motivated us to turn this great idea into a larger scale and broader market. We developed a website that provided opportunities for auto buyers to have access to affordable cars and sellers to connect to potential buyers.  We approached the market to car sellers (private and dealerships) offering to sell their vehicles priced at the $2500.00 limit. This great service is available globally and we have had great success!

If you have a vehicle that does not exceed the $2500.00 price limit, then www.2500orlessautosales.com is the ideal market place to list your vehicle. We are a stand alone reference site for car shoppers in this price range.

There is no cost to list your vehicle. You can register your vehicles on our website easily without paying anything.

Our services present simplicity and affordability options for all motorists!  Visit us at www.2500orlessautosales.com to learn more about buying or selling your next vehicle.

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